How to quickly download every presentation from IBM IOD 2013

Did you attend the IBM Information OnDemand Conference this year? Talk about Big Data! The sheer number of presentations and material covered was way too much for a mere four days. IBM has made available to download many, if not most, of the presentations from the conference. You can go here to find the ones you want and download them manually.

Through the power of the command line (or a good Download Manager) you can get every presentation from IOD with a single command (and a very fast connection).

Here is a file that contains every presentation available to download as of 2013-11-19.

If you’re a command line nerd like me, you can download the file above to your system and use the following command line:
wget -i . wget will then download every presentation. Be sure to check out the wget man page ( for ways to control retries, etc.

Here are links to the list of every presentation available, broken down by component.

Have fun downloading and reading!

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