I have been working in the Information Technology industry since 1995. I am comfortable speaking the technical language of software development, enterprise network architecture, database, and web technologies. I am used to collaborating with a variety of skilled workers including end users, developers, architects, project managers, and management. I am most proficient in Java but I have experience in .NET (VB.NET and C#), Javascript, C++, Ruby, and Python.

Most recently I have diving into mobile app development on the iOS platform. I am hoping to build several apps for the App Store in 2019 and 2020.


I am a senior technical lead with skills in multiple programming languages and numerous platforms and experience in many facets of Information Technology. As a professional consultant for most of my career, I have worn many hats: technical lead, developer, manager, business developer, contract writer, technical supporter, tester, and architect are just some of them. I love solving problems and I am passionate about using technology to make life more efficient, enjoyable, and fun.

View my LinkedIn profile for a brief history of my experiences in the technology field.


  1. Hello Javier,

    My name is Chris. My wife Tanya and I have been producing the Life on Fire podcast since 2006. At the time we started there was a great online community for Catholic podcasters known as Disciples with Microphones. You were also part of that community.

    Recently I have come to believe that something like Disciples with Microphones still has a place in the digital world of today. Instead of just being for podcasters, I think that Disciples with Microphones could better serve the world as a community for all types of Catholic content creators. A place to help inspire, educate, and create, almost like an online guild for Catholic content creators. At least, that is the idea.

    I’ve set up a landing page at with some general information and a mailing list. This landing page is allowing me the time to reach out to former DwM members and to begin planning the community. There is also a private Google group if you are interested in helping to shape the vision of and assist in growing this community.

    Do you think there is still a place in the world for something like this? If so, would you be part of it? Is there anything you’d be willing to do to help?

    Thank you for the Hands and Feet show back in the early days of Catholic podcasting. It was probably one of the most fun podcasts I have ever listened to. Be sure to say “Hi” to Fr. Bagga Donuts for me!

    God Bless,

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