Score Tracker Pro is a simple score counter designed to help fans and coaches keep track of a score while watching a live match.

I built this because I wanted to keep track of the score while watching my son’s volleyball team play and I realized that many of the apps in the App Store that do the same thing were either outdated, not maintained, or simply didn’t have the features I wanted. I’m looking to add exciting new features for teams and coaches in the near future.


Score Tracker Pro supports:

  • Landscape and portrait mode
  • Setting team color and names, with intelligent updating of the score color to provide maximum contrast with the team color
  • An easy to way quickly reset the score for either team
  • Intuitive navigation for increasing and decreasing the score, featuring satisfying haptic feedback
  • Support for all current iOS devices including iPhones and iPads


The best way to get support is to just email me at or message me on twitter at @javierplumey